Hi, I’m Patti.

And ten years ago, you wouldn’t have recognized me.

A stay at home mom living a “Stepford” life, I was a people pleaser who threw all of my energy into my small children, my friends, and volunteering. On the surface, everything looked picture perfect.

But the reality of it was much darker. Unhappy in my marriage, I found myself seeking validation from any aspect of my life, turning to food, obsessive shopping, and saying yes to everything as I tried to fill my empty spaces with anything that would make me feel

I felt lost, unhappy, burned out, and stuck.

Not only did I not know who I was anymore, I often found myself wondering, “How did I get here? Why did this happen to me?”

But then something shifted: and I knew I had to get honest with myself.

I made the choice to stop settling, stop hiding, and take responsibility for my own shit. I stopped listening to negative self talk. I got super clear on my wants and needs. I decided to love myself – unapologetically – right where I was. It was hard work, but you know what? That work changed everything. Magic happened.

I fell in love with me, found joy, and got back in sync with life. I found a new level of connection with my kids. I fell in love again. 

And I knew if I could do it, I had a responsibility to help others do it, too. Today, I’m obsessed with guiding other women in this life-shifting work.

So who the hell am I?

I’m Patti Rantapaa, a Certified Master Life Coach. I currently live in the Black Hills of South Dakota, with my husband, my three kids, (driving, dating, and hormones – OMG), four dogs, and my insane stockpile of lip gloss.

You can usually find me enjoying my collection of holiday pajamas or camping with my family – complete with our giant air mattress (a girl needs her creature comforts, you know?).

I work with clients who are stressed out, burned out, exhausted by body shame, tired of feeling not good enough, and totally over just settling in life.

I know how discouraging it can be when you feel overwhelmed and consumed by all the noise in your head telling you you aren’t good enough. Helping my clients shut down that chaos and feel empowered in the ways they feel, think, look, and experience life is what lights me up.

Ready to talk about what’s keeping you stuck, take action, and move forward while being authentic and fueled by self-love?

Contact me to set up your first session! I offer one-on-one sessions, group coaching, and workshops for clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Professional Bio

Patti, a Certified Master Life Coach, has been helping people transform their lives since 2009. She lives in Nebraska, with her husband, three kids, and two dogs. She offers individual and group coaching and has facilitated many workshops, including Eliminating Self-Doubt, Keeping the Balance, Who am I – Post Divorce, and Entrepreneur Boot Camp. When not helping people transform their lives, Patti can usually be found camping, hiking, and adventure-seeking with her family.


Master BARE Certified Coach

CTA Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Facilitator of the Hartman Value Profile

Claritypoint Certified Coach